Make a Rainbow Scope

Rainbow Scope 3

With this DIY rainbow scope, everyone can see a rainbow this Spring! The International Delight Coffee Creamer bottle is the perfect size and shape for the rainbow scope. Peel off the label and rinse out the bottle. Use a knife to cut off the bottom of the bottle. Color a rainbow with markers on a piece of clear plastic. We used permanent marker on a piece of a clear party favor bag because we had it on hand and it is thick. You could also try a sandwich baggie (cut open into a flat piece). Put the bottle down on the rainbow (the colored side facing up toward the bottle). Wrap the plastic around the bottle and secure with a rubber band. Use decorative tape to finish securing the plastic and to decorate it. Ta Da! Now everywhere you look you will see a beautiful rainbow! Make sure to check out the Easter IDeas Pinterest Board for more Easter craft inspiration! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text … [Continue]

Activities with Pipe Cleaners

Heart Art

  Pipe cleaners are something we always have on hand. Here's a collection of crafts and activities that use pipe cleaners.     Heart Art Use pipe cleaners to make Heart Art. Plant a Tree "Plant a tree" by threading pipe cleaners into the holes of a salt shaker. Pony beads become the leaves as you thread them on the pipe cleaners to finish your tree. Pipe Cleaners and a Pringles Can Punch holes in the lid of a Pringles can (or something similar). Use markers to color around each hole. Drop the matching colored pipe cleaner into each hole. This is great for fine motor skills as well as color identification. DIY American Girl Doll Crown Use a few pipe cleaners to make a crown for your doll.  Sticker Lacing Punch holes in any foam stickers you have on hand and lace them onto pipe cleaners. Play Dough Creations Add pipe cleaners to your play dough creations and monsters. Beaded Turkey Craft Use pipe cleaners, beads and play dough to … [Continue]

Learning with Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Compound Words

You might have enjoyed our Foam Easter Egg Decorating, Easter Egg Color Matching, Easter Egg Counting, and Easter Egg Letters. Now here are some egg themed learning activities for your older children. I picked up a pack of these foam eggs from Target, but all of these learning activities can be done with construction paper eggs cut into … [Continue]

Easter Egg Letter Activity

Easter Egg Letter Activity

Use stickers to practice forming letters. Cut out egg shapes from construction paper. Write one letter on each egg. I wrote "Easter", but you could also write your child's name. Use stickers (any small sticker will work) to trace each letter.   … [Continue]

Easter Egg Color Matching

Easter Egg Color Matching

  Cut eggs from different colors of construction paper. Use whatever stickers you have on hand.  Decorate each egg with matching colored stickers. Not only is this a creative color matching activity, but it is great for fine motor development as your child manipulates the stickers. … [Continue]

Lego Movie Paper Bag Puppets

Lego Movie Paper Bag Puppets

  The kids came up with the idea to make paper bag puppets of their favorite characters from The Lego Movie. I loved seeing them work together to create these puppets, but hearing them pretend with them was even better. I love open ended activities like this that let kids create and pretend! … [Continue]

Easter Egg Counting

Easter Egg Counting Activity

  Cut out eggs from construction paper and number them. Encourage your child to decorate each egg using the number of stickers shown on the egg. I love how quick and easy this activity is to set up. It was a fun opportunity for N to practice identifying numbers and counting. … [Continue]

Easter Egg Puzzles (printable)

Easter Egg Puzzles

  Download and print these Easter egg puzzles. Cut them out and challenge your child to put the eggs back together. N (4 years old) has had a ton of fun putting these together over and over again! … [Continue]

Calendar for Kids

Calendar 2

The calendar is a great tool for kids to learn about numbers, sequencing, counting, patterning, days and months. Whether you have a small paper calendar, a homemade calendar, a pocket chart calendar (above), or a dry erase calendar (below), if your child shows an interest in the day to day schedule or counting down to an event get it out!  The … [Continue]

Puzzle Egg Hunt

Puzzle Egg Hunt

You can have egg hunts all month long without having to fill the eggs with candy or cheap toys. The trick....a puzzle! Stuff the eggs with 2-3 puzzle pieces and hide them around the house or yard. Some puzzle pieces may be too large to stuff in the eggs, but the 100 piece puzzles seem to be the perfect size. Go on an egg hunt. After you find … [Continue]