Learning Numbers for Toddlers

Phone Book Busy Bag

Learning Numbers for Toddlers and Preschoolers Get some number recognition practice out of your toddler's obsession with your cell phone by making  a personalized phone book for your child! How to make your own: Gather pictures of your child with family members or other friends she would like to call. Make a simple card for each person, including their picture, name, and phone number.  This could easily be done by hand or on your computer if you prefer. Punch holes in the cards and connect them with a binder ring. To play, simply add an old cell phone or toy phone and show your toddler how to dial the numbers to "call" their loved ones! As an added bonus, this activity provides a great opportunity to start learning important phone numbers in case of emergency!  Apply your phone number to a catchy rhythm or a familiar song to help your child memorize it. Written by Alicia … [Continue]

Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe

Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe

My son loves pizza but it's not something I usually have on hand. I do, however, usually have grilled cheese ingredients! Here's a Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe thats an easy way to get your child cooking with you in the kitchen! Ingredients: Bread Cheese Butter (optional) Toppings like pepperoni, veggies, meat, etc. Tomato sauce Set your kids up with a plate and one slice of bread. Have them add cheese and whatever toppings they want on it. Add the next slice of bread on top. Grill it like you'd normally do. I use a panini grill, but you could just do it on the stovetop too. When the cheese has melted and it's golden brown it's done! Cut it into strips, squares, or triangles.  Let it cool a bit then hand it back to your child. Pour some tomato sauce in a little bowl as a dipper! This is what my son loves to do, and was the inspiration for this lunch. Dippers are so popular with ALL kids! Trust me, it tastes delicious like pizza! Written by Adrianne … [Continue]

Counting Birthday Candles Game

Counting Birthday Candles Game

Birthdays are SO exciting for little ones! Use their birthday to sneak in a little learning. Counting Birthday Candles Game How to Play: Print the Counting Candles Game. Choose a number card, place it on the cupcake. Have your child add the corresponding number of candles to the cupcake. To up the excitement, we would then sing … [Continue]

Rainy Day Activities for One Year Olds

Rainy Day Activities

Rainy days don't have to be long days with one year olds! There are lots of ways to have fun using things you already have in the house. Here are some fun rainy day activities for one year olds. Today was a rainy day and I was babysitting a little one year old boy the same age as my son. We usually take a trip to the park in the morning but the … [Continue]

Rings and Things Phonics Game

Blending Sounds Phonics Game

I found a set of plastic rings at the craft store (You may also find these at party supply stores.) and put together a fun phonics game to help my daughter both sound out simple words, and then blend the sounds together to read the word. I collected some tiny objects from around the house. My daughter is just learning to read so I started with … [Continue]

Play Doh Party Favors

Simple Party Favors

We love scented play doh, so we turned it into super simple party favors to share with our friends! Party Favor: Put the dry Play Doh ingredients (1/4 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 packet of Kool-Aid) into a bag and attach our FREE Party Play Doh Recipe Card.  Super simple, affordable, and endless fun! How to Make Party Play Doh 1/2 cup … [Continue]

Learning Letter Sounds with Tiny Objects

Tiny Objects in Alphabet Drawers

You've heard The Activity Moms rave about tiny objects and how our preschoolers and even older children LOVE them! And we love how much they can LEARN with them! We've used our tiny objects in a toddler activity (also great for busy bags) to match a few tiny objects to their beginning letter. We've filled our alphabet drawers with tiny … [Continue]

Colored Oobleck

Colored Oobleck Sensory

I took a trip back to my childhood today and made some colored Oobleck with my son. In case you've never made this it is just corn starch and water. It makes the strangest consistency-- halfway between a solid and a liquid. I could sit for hours and just play with it in my hands. Well today my son and I decided we would add some color to our … [Continue]

Repurpose Baby Wipe Lids

Repurpose Baby Wipe Lids

If you’ve ever used a pack of travel wipes, you know they come with a nifty plastic lid that opens and closes and keeps the wipes from drying out. I love these lids, but I don’t love throwing them out. I started separating the lid from the bag and recycling the lid, but even then the teacher in me just couldn’t see such a versatile piece of plastic … [Continue]

Summer Sale at Time for Tots


  Summer is here! Stock up on activities for your toddlers, preschoolers, or Kindergartners at Time for Tots! SAVE $5 (off your purchase of $10 or more) from now until June 6th with the coupon code: SUMMER Featured Kits: Early Toddler Learning Kit Everything Fine Motor Skills Kit Everything Preschool Kit … [Continue]