Water Phonics

Water Phonics

It's summer. It's hot. Really really hot. I also have a 3 year old who has no interest in being indoors. So we are outside a lot. He also is really into learning letters now that he has his name mastered. Therefore, I give you our version of Water Phonics. You basically only need two things: sidewalk chalk and a water squirter of some sort. We hit up the dollar store for … [Read more...]

Egg Shell Painting on Canvas

Egg Shell Painting

We eat a lot of eggs in my house. We even had our own backyard suburban chickens for a few years. At least once a month I make a big batch of egg muffins and freeze them for easy portable snacks and breakfasts. This time, however, I got creative with the leftover shells with an Egg Shell Painting activity. Get Ready for Egg Shell Painting: Crack your eggs very … [Read more...]

Minion Activities and Crafts

Minion Themed Activities and Crafts

We are Minions crazy at our house! Here's a collection of awesome Minion Activities and Crafts that your kids will love! Minion Activities   A Pumpkin and a Princess walks you step by step through how to make this Minion Slime. So fun! This would be a great party favor. This Minion Play Dough activity looks like so much fun from Learning for … [Read more...]

Free, Printable Minions Dice Game

Minion Dice Game

We are in love with the Minions! They are so funny and entertaining. If you love the Minions like we do, you will love this free, printable Minions Dice Game.   How to Play: Download and print the Minions Dice Game. Roll a die (or spin a spinner). Cover the corresponding number of pictures on your game board. We used garden stones from the dollar … [Read more...]

Beauty and the Beast Dot Marker Pages

Beauty and the Beast Dot Marker Pages

We love the Beauty and the Beast movie! We also love dot markers. Here's a set of free, printable Beauty and the Beast Dot Marker Pages.   Download, print, and use at parties, play dates, or on a rainy day. Belle Dot Marker Page Beast Dot Marker Page Gaston Dot Marker Page Cogsworth Dot Marker Page (clock) Lumiere Dot Marker Page (candlestick) You will also … [Read more...]

Beauty and the Beast Dice Game

beauty and the beast dice game

Does your child love Beauty and the Beast? We do too! You will love this Beauty and the Beast Dice Game! How to Play: Download and print the Beauty and the Beast Dice Game. Roll a die (or spin a spinner). Cover the corresponding number of pictures on your game board. We used garden stones from the dollar store. You can use anything for counters – blocks, cereal, … [Read more...]

Activities for Your Baby

Activities for Your Baby

Your baby is constantly learning through the world around him. Provide activities for your baby to experience. Here are 19 baby activities that we love! **Click on the pictures to learn more about each activity.** After you've checked out these activities for your baby, take a look at my Baby Activities Pinterest Board for more ideas!        … [Read more...]

15 Rhyming Activities

Rhyming Activities

Rhyming is so fun and such an important early literacy skill. Here are 15 Rhyming Activities to use with your preschooler to practice rhyming in a fun way.   Thumbs Up for Rhyming - A Rhyming Game for the Car from The Activity Mom Free Animal Rhyming Cards from This Reading Mama Rhyming Riddles from Little Minds at Work Duplo Rhyming Word Matching from … [Read more...]

Free Word Art

free word art

Are you looking for free word art to use for a gift or to frame in your house? Word Art is perfect for you! This is NOT a sponsored post. I discovered this site today and have printed free word art for my kids and each one of my students. So fun! You can even upload your own image to add words to. Customize any meaningful shape with important words. There are so … [Read more...]

The Importance of Pretend Play

pretend play

Pretend play is a vital component to a child's development. According to PsychologyToday.com pretend play (also referred to as dramatic play) helps the cognitive, social, and emotional development of a child. Here are several ways that pretend play impacts a child's development: increase use of language and vocabulary expressing positive and negative feelings … [Read more...]

75 Ways to Paint for Kids from A to Z

75 Ways to Paint for Kids

A Animal Track Painting from Child Central Station Painting with Apples from Learning 4 Kids B Blow Dryer Art from Child Central Station Ball Painting from Mommy and Me Book Club Body Paint from Kiwi Crate and The Activity Mom Bubble Wrap Painting from Art Bar Blog Bath Paint from The Imagination Tree Bottle Print Painting from Mess for Less Bike Painting from Pink … [Read more...]

Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

There are so many ways you can learn with these foam Easter eggs that can be found at craft stores before or after Easter. Counting with Easter Eggs for Toddlers and Preschoolers- Match the numeral to the amount of stickers used to decorate the egg. 4 Ways to Learn with Foam Easter Eggs for Older Children - compound words, numbers and counting, alphabetical order, and … [Read more...]