2014 Activity Advent Countdown

2014 Christmas Activity Countdown

My annual, printable Activity Advent Countdown is back! It includes ideas, printables, and resources from around the web to make counting down to Christmas with your toddlers and preschoolers fun and educational! Decorate a Handprint Christmas Tree OR Cardboard Christmas Tree Reindeer Play Dough Game Pipe Cleaner Garland Christmas Light Matching Christmas I-Spy Printable Make and Eat Ice Cream Cone Trees Christmas Dice Games Christmas Size Sequencing (printable) Paint with Pom Poms Christmas Tree Noodle Christmas Tree Craft Elf on a Shelf Tracing Candy Cane Science Experiment Paper Plate Reindeer Craft Silver Bells Matching Game Christmas Q tip Painting (printable) Plastic Lid Ornament Snowy Window Scene Fine Motor Christmas Tree Painting Snow OR 3 Ingredient Snow Dough Sing and Dance with DIY Jingle Bell Streamers Eat and Stick Marshmallow Trees Play Snowman Slam Paper Cup Jingle Bell Craft Shaving Cream Snow Paint Merry … [Continue]

Food Sorting Game – Order Up!

Order Up A Food Sorting Game

While playing outside in the cottage kitchen, we decided to cook up some special orders. We had recently purchased some new play food for the kitchen and I decided to have some fun with my orders. Instead of the usual….   I asked for foods that start with the letter “B” My daughter proudly served me bread, blueberries, burger, and a banana. Next up, I ordered a plate of “round foods” or foods in the shape of circles. Her favorite was when I asked for a plate of sweet foods. This was an easy fun twist on playing kitchen. There are so many options too…colors, shapes, letter recognition, rhyming. Written by Anne   … [Continue]

Penny Roll and Tally Game

Penny Roll and Tally Game

My six year old is really excited by math these days. She came home from school talking about tally marks, which they had just learned. We put together an easy game that is super fun to play. My four year old keeps requesting it…maybe that’s because she won the first round? All you need is 20 pennies, a die, and a partner. I decided to use … [Continue]

Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelets

Shrinky Dink Craft Bracelet

Shrinky Dink paper is available at most craft stores. I usually find it at Michael’s. I prefer the paper that has a “scratchy side” because colored pencils work really well on it. Otherwise, you need Sharpie markers for the color to stay on the paper. Start by tracing any image on the shiny side of the Shrinky Dink paper with a fine tip … [Continue]

DIY Dryer Lint Catcher

DIY Lint Catcher

  I am always making trips from the dryer to the trashcan to empty the laundry lint and dryer sheet, usually leaving behind a trail of lint. Keep your old tissue boxes and reuse them!   They make the PERFECT lint catchers because the dryer sheets and lint don’t fall out. I keep mine on top of the dryer and then just throw the … [Continue]

Kids’ Spa Day at Home

Kids' Spa Day

Since taking both girls to get pedicures is a favorite activity, but a bit pricey, we decided to make our own spa day at home!  Having special chairs, warm soapy water for soaking, and all the supplies, made it extra special. We even served snacks on a special tray.   Next time, I think we’ll have a menu of services to choose … [Continue]

The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

Years ago, a student in my 1st grade class told me about the Switch Witch visiting his house on Halloween Night. We’ll see if she stops by our house tonight! The Switch Witch is an extremely nice witch, who flies around on Halloween night looking for families with a single piece of candy left outside their front door. If she sees the candy, she … [Continue]

Favorite Fall Kids’ Activities

Favorite Fall Kids' Activities

We love everything about Fall! Football, the weather, pumpkins, and leaves. Here are a few of our favorite Fall activities: Fall Play Dough Mats (printable) Falling Flowers or Leaves Game Apple Themed Toddler Activities Leaf Counting Game Apple Picking Alphabet Game Toddler Thankfulness Tree … [Continue]

Stock up on Holiday Themed Learning Kits


  Holiday Themed Learning Kits are available from Pumpkin themes to Christmas and Winter themes. Also check out what's NEW and what's on SALE in the store!   Stock up now so that you and your toddler or preschooler will be having FUN learning through the holiday season! … [Continue]

Dot Marker Pages from A to Z

printable dot marker pages

Are you looking for free, printable dot marker pages? Here's a list of free, printable dot marker pages from A to Z. Find pages to print that match your child's interest or use this list to compliment your letter of the week. Ways to Use Dot Marker Pages 15+ Ways to Use Dot Marker Pages from Gift of Curiosity Using Dot Marker Pages with … [Continue]