Grow a Plant

Recently I remembered a 4th grade teaching moment where we planted seeds in a clear plastic cup to grow and identify the parts of a plant. I decided it wasn’t too early for B to experience a little bit of Science and grow a plant.
grow a plant
 I went to Lowes to find a seed packet that would grow quickly. Instead I found this cup. Everything we needed came in the cup and it was only 99 cents! B got to plant the seeds in the soil, pour the water in, and wait. The best part is it only took 4-5 days for us to see some action. B got to show his Dad how he was “growing a flower” and he got the experience of learning about the stem of a plant and how a plant needs water, sun, and air. The part that didn’t go so well was about a week after the three seeds sprouted, they started to die. I’m not sure if they needed to be transplanted or if we overwatered them. Fortunately, B didn’t notice that I threw them away.
Overall, it is worth the $.99 for the hands on experience whether your plant flourishes or wilts.


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    Nicole I love this blog!! You did such a great job! I love that you even explain your experience with each project. Give me some more activities! I am loving this!!

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    I will have to go back to Lowes, we just did something similar but spent way more than $.99 and we are still waiting, we did this on Monday.

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