Simple Travel Activity


This activity works for me for a long car ride or a long wait.

Use a piece of sand paper (8 1/2 X 11) and yarn (different lengths) to create different designs/pictures on the sandpaper. The yarn sticks to the sandpaper, but you do have to press it down. I cut the yarn in different lengths ahead of time and put them in a small bag.

To make this into a file folder activity/lapbook, staple the sandpaper to the front of a manilla folder (staple the folder shut on 3 sides) and inside the folder keep three bags for yarn (short pieces, medium pieces, and large pieces). This will keep your activity organized and cut down on the yarn that spreads out around the car or waiting room. This is a great activity to add to a Busy Bag!


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    What a great idea! We are adopting soon (paper work is done, we are just waiting for them to process it!!!) and this is one of those ideas that could be a lifesaver to new parents. Thanks!

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    That’s a really cool idea! I had never thought of that before. We’ll be making a 10-hour drive to CO next month and I bet my 2-yo would love that! Thanks for swinging by my blog, too! 🙂

    Lora @ Motherhood Moments

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    I love this idea…I have a lot of yarn left from my spaghetti yarn bowl. Now I just have to remember some sand paper when I am at the store!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I’m definitely going to be doing this. I want to put together some activity bags with things for M to do when I need to get something done (in addition to our regular “school” time together). This is perfect!! Thank you!

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    Another great mommy blog – what am I to do!? Oh, where is the time! Seriously, you have a lot of neat activities! I love this one and will try it for sure! *Ü*

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    I tried this but my yarn is all squiggly and won’t stay put on the sandpaper, even though I bought the coarsest sandpaper available and washed/dried the yarn pieces to make them “fuzzier.” any ideas on how to make it work better?

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    It’s not as strong of a hold like velcro or something like that would be. If you lift it up, the yarn usually falls off, but tilted up a little bit on a clipboard or your child’s lap should work. Now I’m wondering how a large square of velcro would work instead of the sand paper…..

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