Chicka Chicka 123 Activity

Chicka Chicka

Lately, B has really been interested in numbers so he has been enjoying the book Chicka Chicka 123. By enjoying I mean we have been reading it OVER and OVER again.

One morning he got out his number magnets and started retelling the book with the numbers. Right then I jumped into action and we made an apple tree for the numbers just like in the book. WE cut and taped the paper onto a cookie sheet so it would be magnetic for the numbers (about halfway through I was the only one left still cutting and taping).

I thought B would spend tons of time using this to retell the story. He was interested in doing it once with me and then that was it. I sat on the floor feeling defeated because my “great idea” wasn’t as big of a hit as I had imagined. A little bit later I looked over and B had used his magnets to put 100 at the top of the tree (this happens at the end of the story). That made it all worth it!

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  1. What a cute idea!! Emily loves the Chicka Chicka books…we will have to try this. Thank you for linking up!

  2. Cute idea. I love that you used a cookie sheet.

  3. I love ideas like this.

  4. Oh, don’t give up on it! I have a feeling this would be a big hit at our house…. Great idea!!

  5. Too cute! I love this idea!

  6. Super idea! And, I know the feeling when you think you’ve had the best idea and your little one isn’t as excited about it. I agree, though, that the 100 at the top made it all worth it – how sweet! Great post!