Turkey Baster Water Transfer

What a fun activity for little hands to work with (and to develop motor skills)! I got out two bowls, one empty and one about half full of water. B transferred water from one bowl to the other with this turkey baster.

I bought the baster specifically for this activity and it was well worth the money ($2). I actually ended up cutting this activity short when I noticed B was “experimenting” with how far he could squirt the water across the table. =)

You could also transfer water with an eye dropper, medicine syringe, sponges, or sponges in a garlic press. Any other ideas? Leave them in the comments section for all of us. This is the perfect activity to use while cooking dinner!


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    The boys would love this project. I am always trying to find activities to keep them busy while I prepare dinner. I usually avoid water because I can’t figure out how to let them both do it w/o flooding my kitchen.

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    Matthew would love this. I’ve seen this before on some Montessori blogs and always have meant to try it with him. You are right – it would be perfect for when I’m trying to get dinner ready. I’m putting it on my list to do next week. Thanks for the inspiration!

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