Baby Activity – Taggie Square

I would consider myself a step below beginner level in the world of sewing. Still, with this easy and simple tutorial, I was able to make a taggie square that my baby loved!

Taggie Square

I followed this tutorial to make a crinkly taggie square. A piece of plastic in the middle makes it sound crinkly.  I made one for our baby on the way and I made a few extras to put with baby shower gifts. If you have scraps of fabric and pieces of ribbon laying around, this is the perfect project for you!


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    I saw this and I really wanted to make one for Bubba because he loves tags. Alas, I don’t have a sewing machine so it will probably have to wait awhile. Hopefully he will still be interested in them when I do get around to making one. 🙂 I would put myself in the same category as you in the sewing department. Good job on these, they’re really cute!

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    This looks like it could be a great gift! And since I’m probably even lower than lower-than-beginner, my friends would be UBER impressed! 🙂

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