Pizza Math

pizza math I bought this Pizza Math game on sale at Target one day because I thought B would like to pretend to make pizzas. However, when I opened it up I realized what an incredible learning opportunity I had just purchased. Let me just say I’m not blogging about this because I think you should run out and buy one, I think you could MAKE YOUR OWN!

~The game contains 6 pieces of 8 different toppings (so 48 slices total). This is the part where you can DIY. Trace 8 circles on cardstock and divide the circle into 6 pieces. Cut and decorate.

For the following games, each player draws 6 pieces to start. Then, take turns drawing and discarding until they have the pizza they need.

The Works: The first person to make a pizza with “the works” (each slice with a different topping) wins.
Half & Half: The first person to build a pizza with half of one topping and half of another wins.
Make 10: The first person to make a pizza with toppings that add up to 10 wins.
The Six Mix: The first person to make a pizza with toppings in order from 1 to 6 wins (first pieces has 1 topping, second has 2, etc.).

So far I’ve been using this game with B (2 1/2 yrs.) in a different way. As he ‘s creating pizzas I say things like “Can you make a pizza with half cheese and half pepperoni?” or “How many toppings do you have on your pizza? Can you count them?” or “Can you make a pizza without onion?”. He is playing AND being exposed to math concepts and vocabulary.


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    I picked up the farm version of this game at target a few weeks ago–on the clearance aisle–didn’t see the pizza one! But, it’s exactly the same except instead of toppings on pizza, there are animals in a pen. 1 horse, 2 pigs, etc. We practice counting the animals, but I like the idea of making a pizza with half cheese, half pepperoni…I might be making this OR use what we have to make goat and cow pizza…

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    I really should sit and make this sometime. My kids would love it. Maybe make it out of felt, so the pieces would somewhat stick together.

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    My five year old would love this! I made pizza last year with my first grader to teach fractions. We had a blast cooking and learning math at the same time.

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