Sink or Float?

Today, I had B hunt for things in the playroom to see if they would sink or float. (He was so excited that he was collecting EVERYTHING so we had to stop and talk about things that could get wet and things that couldn’t.) After he put the object in the water, I had him announce whether it was floating or sinking. Next time we do this activity I will try the picture graphic organizer (below).

Extensions of this Activity:
~Have two, large pieces of paper that say “Sink” and “Float” and group the objects on the correct paper.
~Take pictures of the objects you will experiment with and as your child tests each object, have them put the picture in a Sink/Float chart (T chart).
~Make predictions about whether each object will sink or float then experiment.

Sink or Float Picture Graphic Organizer (Toddler & Preschool level)
Sink or Float Graphic Organizer (Ages 5-7)

Does doing this inside seem too messy for you? Check out my Inside Water Play post for a great tip now that the winter months are approaching.


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    We love to do sink or float activities. The other day we were reading about volcanoes and pumice and I found myself discussing with my 3 yr old that pumice is a rock that floats. He totally understood because of doing sink or float activities. Now I just have to go out and buy some pumice.

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