Muffin Tin Monday – Happy Birthday, Brown Bear!

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

brown bear birthday I just couldn’t come up with anything creative for Muffin Tin Monday and then B announced that it was Brown Bear’s birthday. So we had a party. I used old, stale ice cream cones as my muffin tin with applesauce, yogurt, and fruit in them (all with sprinkles).

muffin tin meal I just had to include a picture of B with his “party hat” on. Also, he made that sign for Brown Bear and afterwards I said, “Do you want me to write Happy Birthday, Brown Bear on it?” and he said “Mama, I already did”. (Ooooh, right, ok!). This turned out to be a really fun snack. We sang and B blew out the candle for Brown Bear. The ice cream cones do get soggy and break after a few minutes so whoever is eating them has to stay focused. =)

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  1. Such a cute, wonderful idea!

  2. How sweet! I love the picture that he drew.

  3. Love it – very cute.

  4. I love that he came up with his own theme.

  5. How cute – he came up with the theme and wrote his own card – brilliant! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, how cute and how FUN!! Love it!

  7. I love it! The ice cream cones are genius! Birthday party is my daughter’s favorite game, too. Today it was my “birthday” and she made me a lemon cake. AND Mickey and Minnie came. So, it was quite a day! 😉

    Thanks for commenting on my post at Make & Takes today! :)


  8. The cutest MTM I’ve seen so far! Adorable.
    My son is always playing pretend birthday. Wraps up toys in paper, makes pretend cake etc etc.

  9. Too cute, I love his hat and brown bear’s drawing.

  10. Cute, Cute, Cute … even if they were stale!!!

  11. Sandy R. in Michigan says:

    So cute! Love it- “Mama, I already did.”

  12. Can my kids come to your house for lunch? lol
    Too cute. Great ideas for picky eaters like mine