Paper Towel Tube Letter Matching

You need:
a paper towel or toilet paper tube
letter stickers (I got these at the Target dollar spot awhile ago but any set you have on hand will work.)

How it works:
Have your child match each letter with the corresponding sticker by placing the sticker on top of the letter on the tube.

Once again I got so excited that I think I got a little carried away by putting both upper and lowercase letters, A-Z, on the tube. I’m thinking it might have been too much for him because we matched up a few together and then B started doing something else with the stickers. I think next time I will use a toilet paper tube because it is smaller and only have about 10 letters on it at a time.


  1. Anonymous says

    Love this idea..I teach kindergarten and what a great way for the kids to match upper and lower case letters….I am going to make this but with velcro and it can be used over and over again….Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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