Baby Activity – Favorite Handmade Toy

handmade baby toyMy friend J, made this toy for her daughter when our kids were really little. It was a favorite then and it is STILL one of B’s favorites to pick up and play with when we go over there.

Use a large formula container (or something similar)
Cut a slit in the lid
Save the tops from cans of frozen juice concentrate (they aren’t sharp)

Putting the circles in the container, hearing them rattle around, dumping them out, and starting over again is so much fun for little ones (and bigger ones too)!


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    I am totally going to make one of those for my son! He always plays with the piggy bank at our friend’s house. I don’t buy frozen juice so I think I might try making it with milk caps. Great idea- thanks! And HUGE thanks for sharing all your fun alphabet links 🙂

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    We used to have one of these with milk caps. I think it must have been left behind during on of our moves. I probably figured I could just make a new one instead of packing it and then never made a new one.

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