Muffin Tin Monday – Christmas Morning

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

muffin tin meal This week’s theme for Muffin Tin Monday is “Christmas Morning”. I have NO idea what we will be eating Christmas morning. We don’t really have a tradition in place yet. I’m dreaming of something special, yet fast and easy. Any ideas?

So I gave B 3 waffles and some toppings to build a snowman. Here is the final product….


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    What a great idea! The snowman turned out super cute!

    We don’t really have a tradition when it comes to Christmas morning breakfast either. I’d like to start one, too!

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    Cute. Great idea – I got inspired by yours when I was drawing a blank with what to do today. So we had waffle Christmas trees that we decorated.

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    this year i want to try butterscotch pull aparts- i have a pretty easy recipe that you do the night before, and christmas morning you just toss it in the oven!

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    Seriously, this is toooooo cute … this should be your traditional Christmas Breakfast! You could even make the waffles ahead of time and just pull them from the freezer if you want to keep it simple on Christmas!!!

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    Hey breakfast casseroles are delicious and they can be made the night before. Awesome.
    And I love your new blog design.


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