Bathtub Ice Cubes

We already use these shaped ice cube trays for making crayons, transferring ice cubes with kitchen utensils, and for Muffin Tin Monday, and now bathtub ice cubes.
bathtub ice cubes
Just add food coloring (NOT TOO MUCH), freeze them, and you are ready to go.

B had a great time “seeing what would happen”. He was catching them with a net and all he could talk about for the rest of the night was how they melted and that we should try it again tomorrow.

This is the PERFECT way to experiment with mixing colors because the bath water changes all around them.


  1. says

    That’s a very cute idea.
    I plan on doing your crayon idea soon, just waiting to collect a few more.
    Do you think you could bake in silicone after you have made crayons in them?
    I don’t think the food colouring would stain your skin in that small of an amount, only if applied directly onto your skin, I know that first hand!

  2. says

    Yes, you can make the crayons in the silicone ice molds (I just made heart ones for Valentines Day). However, from my experience, once you use them for making crayons the wax doesn’t really come out. So you won’t be able to bake in them afterwards. Good luck! =)

  3. says

    I was just thinking of making red ice cubes and then melting them in a glass of hot water for my daughter to watch. Great idea to use them in the bathtub. But I’m not sure how I would stop her from putting them in her mouth though…and I wouldn’t want her to do that! I would be worried about the food coloring maybe staining the bathtub, especially with red! I was thinking of mixing food coloring with liquid soap so that she could have bath paints but I’m not sure about the staining.

  4. says

    Neat idea but my girls love to eat ice cubes and I already lose a battle over having them drink bath water. But I do like the idea, maybe in the sink.

  5. says

    It didn’t leave anything behind in the bathtub, although we didn’t leave the colored water in too long. Make sure to mix the water and food coloring first and then pour it into the ice cube mold. Use just a drop or two instead of a drop in each ice cube. That was WAY too much. =)

  6. Anonymous says

    does anyone know if this stains the skin??? I made some today and want to try it out, but am scared it will stain her skin. let me know, thanks!

  7. says

    Hi Anonymous
    Mix the water with one or two drops first and then put it into the ice cube mold (I put one drop in each ice cube and it was too much). It didn’t stain the skin or the tub when we did it, but we didn’t stay in too long either.

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