Magnetic vs. Non Magnetic Experiment

Give this Magnetic vs. Non Magnetic Experiment a try!
Magnetic vs. Non Magnetic Experiment

I picked up this magnetic wand from the Lakeshore Learning Store ($1.99) and put together a small box of items for B to experiment with and sort. I modeled how to do it with a few pieces and he took over from there. Now he hunts for things to test out and says “Let’s see what will happen!”.


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    We’ve done this – when my oldest was younger. What is it about kids and magnets? My one-year-old *loves* magnets (which is sometimes a problem). We have some magnetic darts that he wanders around the house with, sticking them to door handles, drawer pulls, computer cases – even occasionally wall studs!

    I remember the day he found out that he could make the darts stick to his shirt by putting one on the inside and one on the outside. To see his eyes light up.. it was magical. (:

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    I LOVE magnets. I use to teach science and still have lots of magnets for my little ones to play with when they are little older. Recently on a trip the the american museum of natural history I found a magnet wand stashed in my bag and we tested it on the giant iron meteor…and then everything else in the museum. So fun!

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    Love the idea of having him sort the items! We had a basket for magnetic exploration (that sounds silly! Ha!) but put it away a while back. I will definitely have to pull it back out, add some NON-magnetic items and sort. Fun!

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    I love this! I love how you’ve made the smiley and frowny faces for him to sort onto – what a great idea! Matthew loves to take magnets off our fridge and try sticking them on things around the house. I know he’d love this activity… I just need to find one of those wands!

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