Muffin Tin Monday – Team Umizoomi Snack Patterns

The show Team Umizoomie on Nick Jr. has made B LOVE to work with patterns. For months I’ve been trying and trying to create opportunities to work on these and talk about them and he went along with it but wasn’t thrilled about it until watching Team Umizoomie. They have the cutest song about a snack pattern that we’ve changed and used to create so many other patterns.

So for Muffin Tin Monday this week we made our own snack patterns. I made the first two and then left the ingredients in cups for B to make a couple. So fun!

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  1. says

    I am always on the lookout for things I can do with my toddler. I will be visiting your site often.

    Thank you.
    Stopping by from SITS.


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    What a creative idea! I love seeing what other people are doing for MTM…I’m just back at it for my second week and I’m afraid my creative juices aren’t flowing yet! You are right, yellow is going to be a challange, isn’t it?

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    What a great idea! I just saw that show the other day for the first time and was surprised at how cute it was. We will be adding this to our “have to try some day” list. 🙂

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