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After watching Leapfrog “Word Factory” a few times (oh who am I kidding a bazillion times since N was born), B started making words in the AT family with his magnetic letters. I decided if he was interested I needed to provide the opportunities and activities.

Pictured above are the AT family printables I found and used with B. It only takes one word family to get the ball rolling so instead of listing just the AT printables, I wanted to list the links where I found these CVC activities (all word families). If you know of any other links to CVC printables, let me know! I’d love to check them out!

AT picture/word sort from Teach Mama (pictured above)

Word Building Mat Set – Laminate and write on the page with a dry erase marker or use plastic letters to make words (example pictured above)

Sound Blending Word Slide (example pictured above)

Phonics Partner Puzzles (example pictured above)

Printable Word Family Books from Hubbards Cupboard

Kidzone features an article about opinions of teaching your child phonics, word lists, printables, and activities to try with the words

Construct a Word (online game) from Read Write Think

Phonics Word Wheels from Super Teacher Worksheets

Mini Word Family Books & Word Wheels from Enchanted Learning

**There are many ways to work with blending sounds together. Some of those activities to be posted soon….


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    Okay seriously I’m visiting but UBP! But this has been on my mind. My Peanut is 5 and we’re about done with the letters and their sounds and I was just washing my hair thinking about introducing…ta-da! The AT family. Thank you so much for the links!!!
    Lovely banner by the way.

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