Wrapping Paper Activity

Get your gift ready with this DIY Wrapping Paper Activity that your little one and friends will love!
wrapping paper activitywrapping paper activity
I didn’t have any “Birthday Girl” wrapping paper so I turned this lemon into lemonade (aka a fun activity!). I turned over a large piece of wrapping paper and let B go to town on the back with paint pens (love those!). I thought it turned out so cute.  He had a great time doing it and was so proud to hand the present he decorated over to his friend!
By the way, the gift was for B’s best friend. They were so great about overlooking the Hallmark logo and the square grids. =) Hopefully yours will just be plain white.


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    Great idea! We don’t buy cards anymore, either. I think it is just a waste of money and it is more personalized for the kids to make their friends or relatives a card. I’d rather put the extra 3 or 4 dollars into the actual gift.

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    We do this with brown craft wrap too!! For Father’s day last year I put tempra paints on paper plates and had the kids use their feet and make footprints allover the paper. Too fun!!!

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    How fun is that! Just perfect for little ones!
    Thank you for stopping by and following me.
    ~Stopping by from Mom Loop Friday follow!

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    What a fun personal touch. We used to save the comics from the Sunday paper and use that for wrapping paper, but we don’t get the Sunday paper anymore, so we’ll try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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    Following you from mom loop friday follow. Thanks for stopping by mom blog and saying hi! Appreciate the follow. Really. More than you know! A little English in my Swedish overwhelmed world is so appreciated!
    PS I plan on doing this and then cutting them into multiple thank you cards as a birthday thank you!

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