Baby Activity – Visual Tracking and Coordination

The other night I was frantically trying to finish dinner as N (6 months) started getting fussy. To distract her, I rolled a small ball onto her highchair tray.  Not only did it distract her and calm her down, but as I was watching her I realized that it is a simple activity to help develop visual tracking skills and coordination.

Here’s how:

When she bats at it, it rolls around the outside of the tray. As she follows it, she is improving her visual tracking skills. As it rolls around and down toward her and she tries to grab it she is strengthening her coordination.

Oh and when she does finally grab it and then throws it on the floor (over and over again) I have to remind myself that she is experimenting with cause and effect. =)


  1. says

    Great tip! I love simplicity and so do our babies. What do they love- a box, a kitchen utensil, etc.

    Can you believe little man’s highchair is still in the basement waiting to be cleaned! I have been feeding him in his bouncy chair, etc. Time to get moving and get it out. The tray would be great for sensory time, too.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

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