Baby Activity – Sensory Water Bag

baby activity sensory water bag
Jackie from Ready.Set.Read! emailed me this fabulous idea that her baby loves and I couldn’t wait to try it!
To make a sensory water bag, simply fill up a ziplock with little items and water. I used a lid, beads, pieces of straws, a toy lizard, foam letter stickers, and pom poms. Then, tape off all sides to make sure it doesn’t leak. I used packaging tape. If you have a food sealer, use that.
baby activity sensory water bag
The sensory water bag is great for visual tracking during tummy time or even to experiment with once they learn to sit up.  It’s also a neat spin on the I-Spy Bottle for toddlers and preschoolers.
N loved squashing everything around and it kept her attention. The bag was just heavy enough that she couldn’t pick it up and put it in her mouth, but it didn’t stop her from trying of course.



  1. says

    Ok, this is too clever! I’m so trying it with my one year old! I paid $15 for a sensory bag on Etsy! This is much more economical!

  2. says

    I made a sensory bag yesterday, but I think the larger bag will work better. I only had a small bag. With supervision it was ok, but he kept putting it in his mouth. Thanks again for the idea. I’ll need to try it w/ the larger bag.

  3. says

    This a great idea even for older kids, just making sure it is well closed. Have you tried to add food coloring to the water? Or maybe not in fear it spills 😉

    From Play Academy

  4. Amber says

    Love this! I’ve used it before but put hair gel (the cheap kind from the dollar store) instead of water. It has a slightly different texture & adds a little more visual input. You obviously just have to make sure it’s sealed really good.

  5. says

    I think I am going to try this with objects for fall like leaves, pine cones and maybe color the water to make a seasonal sensory bag. Thanks for the inspiration!


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