Sun Prints

Place objects on construction paper and leave them in the sun to make sun prints. We had so much fun finding objects and letters to make these.
sun prints
We didn’t leave them out in the sun long enough though. Make sure to leave yours out most of the day!
sun prints
I told B that we were going to do an experiment to see what happens when we leave them out in the sun and he was worried all day that the objects would melt, blow away, or disappear. This is a neat way to work with letters, shapes, colors, or just to play around and experiment!


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    Simple, but fun. I like it! 🙂 My daughter did something with sunscreen recently, but I like the letter ideas and predicting what will happen.

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    I wonder if the special Sun Print paper they sell in that catalog, Discount School Supplies would enable the process to happen faster?????

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    As a very UNcreative mom, I’m very excited to find your blog! I will be visiting in the very near future when looking for unit study activity ideas. I was excited to share your blog on my facebook page for homeschoolers, as well.

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