Toy Story Magnets – Make Your Own

This morning we went online to find out the name of some of the Toy Story 3 characters that we weren’t sure about. A few minutes later we had our own Toy Story magnets! Just print and put a magnet on the back. There are also several printable coloring pages, recipes, and crafts to check out.
**Just a quick update on this…B has played with these for HOURS! His favorite thing to do with them is to put them in his shopping cart and have me tell him which character to put where in the house (Put Woody on the dishwasher. Put alien on the back door.) Just wanted to let you know it was worth the work to make them!


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    Very cool. We just watched the movie a month ago. My boys are getting a toy story lego set for Christmas. I’ll have to look for magnetic paper. I’d never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing this.

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