Baby Activity – Experimenting with Magnets

N, 8 months old, loves to knock the magnets off of the fridge and try to put them back on. It never even occurred to me to let her experiment with these until she tried it at a friend’s house. Now it is my “go to” activity for when I’m trying to cook dinner. If you haven’t done this yet with your little one, give it a try. Be careful with the cheaper magnets (shown above) because the little piece of magnet sometimes falls off of the back.


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    We have the same magnets and my little one – almost 12 months now – is fascinated by them. However, I have not (yet?) let him play with them. I am very horryfied that he might swallow one … Are magnets not really dangerous? I am not sure … I think I heard/ read something like that … but might be wrong.
    The magnet bits are quite secure on ours. But some of the letters – like the “i” for example – are still quite small …
    Do you give your kid just the bigger ones?

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    Ms Muffin
    I’m always a little nervous about the little magnet falling out but I only give her the big ones that she can’t fit all the way in her mouth. The Melissa and Doug magnets are better as far as not having anything little fall off but those are wooden so her teeth marks will show up on them. =) Either way, it’s important to watch them like a hawk with them but it sure does keep her happy during an otherwise stressful time – dinner prep. =)

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    So cute your little one! Mine – especially the youngest one – loved them, too and didn´t swallow it. Good idea to do the dinner meanwhile. You can always have a look on her.
    Nice blog by the way!

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