Baby Activity – Magnets and a Muffin Tin

photo courtesy of Baby Brainstorm

This is such a neat idea from Baby Brainstorm! Your baby can experiment with things that are magnetic, work with one to one correspondence, and practice putting in and taking out all with one activity. Simply put a magnet in each spot and let your baby play.

An older sibling might have fun with this too. They can put the magnets in rows by color for baby or put pairs in the tin and practice matching. You could put the letters in and challenge your older child to find the letters of their name.  Can they find the vowels? So many possibilities with such a simple activity!


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    I LOVE this idea! I will be using it this coming week with both my kiddos! (15 mos and 2 1/2 yrs) They are going to love it! (*I think* they sometimes surprise me. Sometimes I love it more than they do hehe) Thanks so much for sharing!

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    This is a great idea. My littlest one is always trying to swipe the magnets of the easel while his brother is playing. Giving the baby his own magnets to work out of the muffin tins should bring some peace to my house… maybe temporary peace!

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