Christmas Countdown with Books

Christmas Countdown with Books

I’m SO excited to start this new tradition, Christmas Countdown with Books! I wrapped all of our Christmas or winter books that we already own and put them in a basket under the tree. Each night, the kids will choose one present/book to open and read.

I saw this idea last year at The Shafer Family Blog. Each year she buys a new book to add to the collection and countdown.  Even if you only have 5 books to wrap up, it is still a fun way to countdown to Christmas! You could also check out books from the library to use and then they would all be new.


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    I started doing this when my son was born (he’s 3 now), and just got my books ready today. I wrote about it on my blog today as well! This is the first year I’ve got 25 books, wahoo! Love this tradition!

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    I have thought of doing this in the past because we have a huge collection of Christmas books, but we haven’t done it yet. I typically let them choose a few Christmas books each day. Maybe we will do this for the last two weeks before Christmas or something.

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    I wanted to do it the last years – but never had enough books. This year finally there are enough – and I even managed to get them all wrapped up before the 1st of December! My daughter loves them – even little man got quite excited, even though he is not getting the whole idea of opening one each day yet … 😉
    I blogged about it today if you want to check it out

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