Alphabet Dictionary (make your own)

alphabet dictionary

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of “Mom, how do you spell (insert any word)?”. I decided to make this alphabet dictionary for B so when he asks we can write it in his dictionary and it will be there to refer to later.

To make this, cut two or three pages at once. For the A, cut all the way up the red line and leave about half an inch for the A tab. For the B, cut up the red line and stop about half an inch below the A to leave a tab for the B. Continue this way with 2 or 3 pages at a time until you get to Z. Each time you will be cutting less.

alphabet dictionary
MY plan was to put 4 or 5 words and their pictures on a page. B had a different plan and it wasn’t the same as mine. He wanted to have one word for each letter and then wanted me to make more notebooks for the other words. We are still trying to find a compromise so we haven’t used it much, but I still wanted to share this idea with you so you could apply it to whatever you are working on (colors, shapes, numbers, words, letters, etc.).


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    This is genius! Such a cute idea and a great way for kids to keep track of words they are learning to spell that mean something to them or they use a lot.

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    I really love this idea too. I can’t wait until my little guy learns to read, write, spell, draw…we’re still muddling through the alphabet!

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    Your brain I think is in overload..Do you have a headache? WOW~! what a great idea.. I found a notebook in my closet here and I went right away getting it ready for Ben to use… WHen I read him a book I designate which word is his word to read and he loves that.. But he is also interested in learning how to write. Lately I have been using a white board to write the word on and he copies over my letters and says the word as he write it.. GranAnnie is busy with teaching another child how to read. If you can’t read it’s hard to do anything else.. is a wonderful website for children.. Can’t remember who told me this but I use it often with Ben…
    Thanks for all the knowledge you give me in heling Ben.
    ta ta for now..from Iowa…

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    Easy to make and a fantastic idea!
    As soon as my kids were able to use plastic scissors, I made up scrap-books with the letters in alphabetical order on every double page spread. Then I’d give them old store catalogues and help them to choose a picture of an item and cut it out. Then I would sound out the phonics for their chosen picture while they were deciding which page to stick their cutout item on.

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