Baby Activity – Fun with a Balloon

 Baby Activity – Fun with a Balloon
I know playing with a balloon is not a new idea, but I forgot how much fun a balloon is for a baby.
baby activity fun with a balloon
 When B was little they gave kids free balloons at the grocery store so he got to experiment with one while sitting in the cart. They don’t do that anymore so I bought N a mylar balloon to have fun with.
Here are some things to try with the balloon:
  • Use the back of a mylar balloon like a mirror.
  • Tie the balloon to the end of a toy so that it is the same height as your child standing up. Let them hit the balloon and watch it come back to them.
  • Pull the string and experiment with cause and effect and to encourage reaching.
  • Tie the balloon to the end of a light weight toy. Encourage your baby to toss the toy and watch the balloon follow it.


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    So cute! We have a giant Mickey Mouse balloon inside another clear balloon (if that makes sense) and we’ve had to refill it multiple times. Its a huge hit around here with my 2yr old and 8month old!

    New follower!

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