Baby Activity – Learning to Match

Learning to Match
 baby activity learning to match
I was looking back on my “Where and When to Start” post and it made me want to see how N responded to matching now that she is 12 months old. I didn’t think she was ready for any of the printable matching activities I suggested in that post so I tried to have her match Pez.
I used cups to put each of the pairs in. After about 5 days of doing it by myself, talking about it in front of her, acting like matching these Pez was soooo fun, and her grabbing both bunnies and running away, I decided that maybe she isn’t ready and that I’d try again in a few weeks. =)
I still wanted to share this idea though because I think this concrete way of matching is a great way to introduce it.


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    We have a Little People Noah’s Ark set with pairs of animals. We starting matching with those. Just thought I’d share an alternative to always doing printables.

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