Thank You Notes and Spelling with Toys

We used some of B’s toys to take this picture and make it into birthday thank you notes. I got the idea from Family Fun Magazine.  Not only did a lot of people say how neat they were, but B didn’t want to stop spelling with toys after we made this.

So we spelled each family member’s name and took pictures. It was a challenge for him to figure out how to arrange the toys for the curvy letters. I love the learning activities that are unplanned and just happen!


  1. Rachel says

    This is brilliant! I love how you can give the picture as your letter – personal and possible for a toddler.

  2. says

    My middle son was easy… we did the background music/singing to “BINGO”… but we spelled “Tyler”… while clapping our hands to each letter… T.. Y.. L… E… R… and Tyler was his Name-o

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