Build a Cup Tower

Can you build a cup tower using cups and paper? This is a fun STEM challenge for all ages.
build a cup tower
Build a cup tower by putting 4 paper or plastic cups in each layer, separated with pieces of cardstock or construction paper. How tallĀ can you build your cup tower? Can you make itĀ using 3 cups in each layer? What about 2? Have fun experimenting!


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    Looks like fun for any age!! My girls would like to do this, but little brother will frustrate them and keep knocking it down as he giggles and runs away! Glad to be back to the blogging world- just got a new computer! Woo Hoo! Hope that you are doing well.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

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    Fun idea and simple, but even little ones could do it. I am hosting a park playdate next week and I think I am bringing this idea in case it’s hot and the kiddos need a “task” to do when cooling off under the picnic shelter. Thanks for all your great ideas. LOVE THEM!

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