Play Kitchen Recipes

Play kitchen recipes have been a hit with B lately! Using them along with his play kitchen and pretend food has been so fun!
The play kitchen recipes include fruit salad, vegetable soup, and cookies.
Print the free, play kitchen recipes to use in your own play kitchen.

What else can you do with pretend food?

  • sort it by color
  • sort it by size
  • sort it into piles of food you like and piles you don’t like
  • sort it by beginning letter sound
  • sort it by food group
  • write the names on index cards and match them
  • trace the outline of several food items to make a puzzle


  1. Katie says

    Thanks for the great printables! If you make anymore please add them. My 3 year old son is making me some fruit salad as I type! : )

  2. says

    What a great idea! My daughter (3.5yo) loves cooking (real food and pretend), she’ll love having her own recipes to follow!

  3. says

    My youngest loves his play kitchen–he has a whole little kitchen corner in our schoolroom. He plays restaurant all the time, taking orders and serving “customers,” and even has a menu posted for all to see. I love the idea of the recipe cards, and I know he will love them too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    I just love this idea! What a fantastic educational activity. My son isn’t old enough quite yet, but when he is, I will definitely be using this. Already saved it with Evernote. Thanks for sharing!

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