How Many Steps Will It Take?

This How Many Steps Will it Take activity comes in handy when you are somewhere waiting and need an activity to cure boredom or pass the time. It is a simple estimating activity and can even be used for kids as young as 3.
how many steps will it take

Ask the question, then count to find out.

How many steps will it take to get from here to the door?
How many steps will it take to get from here to the table?
From door to door? From sofa to chair?

Endless possibilities!

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  1. says

    Estimating is a super thinking skill. My youngest son was playing with unifix cube when he was five. He was able to estimate the number it would take to build a line across our livingroom. He came within 20 blocks. His big brother was way off. I was impressed.
    We both still remember this, because we thought it was so cool.

  2. says

    Love this for so many concepts – making predictions, counting, estimating oh and just having fun. We love to do “baby steps” ” Monster steps”etc…

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