Number Drawing and Simon Says Drawing

B and I started with a number drawing activity. I drew a house and asked him “Can you draw 1 door? 2 windows? 3 flowers? 4 clouds? etc”.   
It didn’t take long and he wanted to draw his own thing…. 

So we switched to Simon Says Drawing. He would say “What else does it need?” and I’d suggest “A car next to the house.” or “grass under the house” using as many direction words as I could (on top, underneath, next to, right, left, over, etc.).

These activities are great for vocabulary development, listening skills, fine motor skills, and number concepts.

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  1. GREAT activity!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful idea- I love things like this that can be done anywhere…at the doctor’s office, waiting at a restaurant, etc.

  3. What a great idea! Maybe I’ll embellish on it and have my daughter write a story about the picture she after she finishes — to help her practice handwriting!

  4. These are great ideas– especially great for young “writers” to discover they can always add more!