Make Your Own Sprinkles

Make your own sprinkles to add to yogurt or ice cream!
First, sort the Fruity Cheerios or Fruit Loops by color so you can make different colored sprinkles.
For us this lasted for about 20 Cheerios and then he decided he would rather make rainbow sprinkles.
make your own sprinkles

Next, put the Cheerios in a bag (by color if you made it that far) and use a rolling pin to crush them. You could also use a play hammer or your hands.

make your own sprinkles
Sprinkle your homemade sprinkles over yogurt and enjoy!


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    This is such a cute idea!! My daughter loves yogurt and really LOVES Fruit Loops, so this will be a hit!! We’ll definitely have to give this a try!! Thanks!

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    Haha, that sounds like how it might have gone at my house! However, rainbow sprinkles are popular here and they are pretty expensive for nearly daily use, so I think we’ll be trying this as a substitute for those expensive baking sprinkles. Thanks! 🙂

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