What Can You Make with a Circle?

What can you make with a circle? Draw circles on paper, a chalkboard, or on the sidewalk and challenge your child to make them into as many things as possible.
What Can You Make with a Circle Game
I saw this idea on NurtureStore and couldn’t want to try it.
what can you make with a circle
First, B made Wonder Woman (bottom left) and then made different pizzas and pancakes (that’s what he called them).
what can you make with a circle
Then we really got into it and got creative! Balloons, faces, animals, wheels, donuts, etc. This was a fun activity to do together! It would also be a great activity to do on a magnadoodle in the car or while waiting at a restaurant.


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    Great idea. We’ve been working with circles but they are still so hard for Logan to draw himself. This is a great way to practice the shape without forcing him to make a perfect circle himself… and to get him thinking about where circles appear in real life.

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