Christmas Activity Tray Ideas

N (23 months) has been showing a lot of interest in matching, sorting, and basically anything her brother is doing. So I set up a little space for her to have a few activities that she could work on. I do the activity with her a few times and then she is usually able to do it independently after that. They have been a hit and this has been a great opportunity to teach her to pick up one thing before moving on to another!

Here is what we’ve had on the shelf lately:

Eraser Matching

Sorting Presents by Color (or size)

Sorting Bows by Size (Big/Small)

Threading Beads on Pipe Cleaners

(Matching the colors is optional)

Arranging the Christmas Sticks into the Holes

Shadow Puzzle with Christmas Erasers

Sorting Gingerbread Men and Snowmen and putting them on the tree

I just wanted to share these ideas in case you want something to keep your child occupied, learning, and having fun during the busy days before Christmas.


  1. says

    Thanks for the great ideas. My 20 month old is just starting to be interested in activities and this is a nice starting point to help me figure out a few things for him to do.

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