Water Beads

Have you tried playing with water beads yet? They are SO fun! You can buy these almost anywhere now (Michaels, Walmart, Oriental Trading).
water beads
They come in a small package and you put them in water to watch them grow. You control the size by how much water you put in. They are slimy, they bounce, and they are so fun to scoop and pour.
water beads
I put them outside in the sand table because they were getting away from us in the house.
water beads

Such a fun sensory experience for all ages!


  1. says

    Little man would love this! I was checking out your St. Patty’s day sensory kit and noticed there were beads in there. Thinking about getting it.

  2. Sabrina says

    I saw these several times and went to purchase at Walmart until I read the back. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I chose to opt out of buying them for my kiddies. There is a WARNING label on the back the states something about reproductive disorders,etc. I want to have another baby and didn’t want to take any chances. Just a little FYI!

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