St. Patrick’s Day Activities

With an Irish crew at home, St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun holiday for us and St. Patrick’s Day Activities are a must! Recently, during a Dollar Tree shopping spree, I lucked out and found the perfect pack of shamrocks. They are sold in sets of 12- 6 dark green and 6 sparkly light green.
These shamrocks can be used for a variety of hands-on learning fun, but I decided to focus on shapes. Using a glue gun, I put pattern blocks on each shamrock.  Shapes can also be hand-made with laminated construction paper or clip art, felt, stickers, or foam board.
St. Patrick's Day Activities

For Toddlers

Give one set to the your little one to match with the other shape.  I told L  the color and shape and told him to find one just like it.  He then put it on top of the other shape.  I loved seeing the excitement in his eyes when he found a match!
Skills: shape and color identification, language development, and matching skills.
St. Patrick's Day Activities

For Preschoolers/K-4

The above activity can be changed to a memory game very easily. P (age 7) enjoyed playing this with Mom.  Skills: Shape identification, memory skills
St. Patrick's Day Activities

For K-4

Teach your student or child how to identify, read, and spell the words for shapes with this shape/word matching activity. Also, talk about the shapes attributes- for example- number of sides or angles.

Other Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Put all of the shamrocks in a pile or a “leprechaun pot” if available.  Create a die with shapes on each side.  Roll the die and have your child identify the shape on the die.  Next, they need to find the shamrock with that shape in the pile.  The child with the most shamrocks wins.  Celebrate with gold chocolate coins!
  • Play guess my shamrock shape:  “I have a shamrock that has a shape that has 3 sides and 3 angles, what am I?”
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