Both kids (ages 5 and 2) are having fun with playdough lately which makes me happy because there are so many benefits to playing with playdough!

Benefits of playing with playdough:
*Strengthening fingers, wrists, and hands which helps develops fine motor skills and coordination.
*Gives an opportunity for dramatic play and fosters creativity and imagination.
*Gives a chance for experimentation and discovery.
*Increases vocabulary.

They love using scented playdough (my favorite playdough recipe) and playdough mats. Just laminate or cover a playdough mat with contact paper and it wipes clean after you use it.

Some playdough mats have a purpose such as making letters or putting  a certain number of “apples” on a tree and others are for creative open ended play.

Here are several playdough mats that you can print for free and other creative ideas for playing with playdough:

photo from Storytime and more
Apple Tree Playdough Mat from
Halloween Playdough Mats from Storytime and more
Leaf Playdough Mats from
Turkey Playdough Mat from
photo from The Preschool Toolbox


Snowman Playdough Mats from PreKinders
Mitten Playdough Mat from
Penguin Playdough Mat from
Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Playdough Mat from The Preschool Toolbox
photo from PreKinders


Kite Playdough Mat from
Flower Playdough Mat from
Crocodile Playdough Mat from Sparkle Box
Fishbowl Playdough Mat from
Number Playdough Mats from Money Saving Mom
photo from House of Baby Piranha


Cool Playdough Ideas:
Make a Playdough Zoo from House of Baby Piranha
Playdough Ice Cream Shop from Spell Outloud
Playdough Mystery Box from Inspiration Surrounds Creativity Abounds
Playdough Lacing Activity from The Activity Mom
Frosting Dough Recipe from The Activity Mom
Pretend Play with Playdough from The Activity Mom
Items to Use with Playdough:
popsicle sticks
cupcake wrappers
plastic animals
muffin trays
rolling pin
birthday candles
cookie cutters
old garlic crushers
plastic forks, knives, or spoons


  1. sarah Meagher says

    It looks like some of the links or defunct…just a heads up I couldn’t find the mats or the 2 teaching mama site

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