Raised Salt Paintings

Our favorite projects are those that include a mix of science and art. Raised salt paintings are a fun way to meet both of those needs and uses household items!
Grab some white glue and have your preschooler draw shapes on thick paper (we used cardstock).
Make sure that the glue isn’t too thin and that the shapes aren’t terribly complex.
raised salt paintings

Next, have your artist shake a healthy amount of salt on top of all the glue.

Shake off the excess (we placed ours on a plastic tray, making the mess well contained!) and save it for another painting.
raised salt paintings

Break out the watercolors and make sure the brush is well saturated in both paint and water.

Have your tot lightly tap the salted glue with the brush and watch the colors run and spread!
raised salt paintings


 Try different colors, using varying amounts of water and paint to see how it affects the salt.

M declared that these were “Crystal Paintings.” ┬áBut, enjoy them while they last, since as they dry, the salt does tend to flake off.

A super fun and inexpensive science and art experiment!

Written by Jill


  1. Terri says

    Thank you! This looks so fun and I already have everything. I am looking for things to do with an extra kiddo around on Friday.

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