Pattern Block Activities

Pattern blocks are fun for all ages!  LM enjoys making new creations, stacking, and counting the shapes.
There are a variety of activities that you can do with pattern blocks to enrich your child’s learning and play time.
Open-ended Creativity– Give your child a variety of pattern blocks and give them time to create. Discuss creations with your child to promote communication skills.  Little man told me that he is creating a robot. (above)  Discuss the shapes and colors used.
Clothespin Color/Shape Match– I created this activity to help with fine-motor development as well as shape and color identification practice. (I painted the clothespins for another activity and then re-used them for this activity.)

This activity can be tricky for little fingers, but with practice and guidance, LM was able to get the hang of it! First, I held the shape and let him clip it on.  This helped him to learn how to work the clothespin. Ask: Can you find the red square? Can you find the green circle? You can also just ask for the shape or color- depending on the skill that you want to practice with your child.

Pattern Block Mats: There are a variety of printable mats that you can find online.  I traced our shapes to create my own mats for LM.  I created a Shape Train Mat and a Shape Robot Mat.

Wondering where to find pattern blocks?  There are a variety of sets online at Amazon, but I found this set of foam pattern blocks to be most affordable.

Written by Jen 



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