Busy Bags

One of the greatest activities I’ve ever set up for M (now 4.5) is our collection of busy bags. We take these bags everywhere.
busy bags
 Seriously, they come to restaurants, doctor appointments, on vacations, and even during quiet time in M’s room (our substitution for nap time).
preschool busy bags
I started out by picking up about a dozen zippered pencil pouches from Wal-Mart (I think they’re $0.97 each). Then, I filled them with all sorts of fun, themed activities.
toddler busy bags
Busy Bag Ideas:
(almost all supplies were from Dollar Tree, Target, or just from around our own house):
-Play Store: calculator, price stickers, pencil and notebook
-Little Artist: markers, crayons, paper
-Miss Sticky: tons and tons of stickers, small notebook
-Open and close: a bunch of bottles, pouches, and tubes to open and close (with a handful of coins included to hide in objects)
-Finger puppets (check out Ikea for a great selection and awesome prices!)
-Cut it Up: scissors and things to cut (straws, small tub of play dough, ribbon, paper strips)
-Fix-it Kit (M’s favorite): eye glass repair kit and small sewing kit (both from Dollar Tree)

Written by Jill


  1. says

    Great idea. I wondered if you could take some more close up pictures of each kit or give a few more details about what items are in some of those kits. Thanks!!

    • says

      The descriptions at the bottom will give you a good idea as to what to put in there and where to get it. Let us know how it goes and which one is your child’s favorite!

  2. says

    I love that you used the zippered pouches, brilliant! A lot of sites feature busy bags with the ziplock bags, which i hate to use with a baby in the house! Now I have to figure out a way to get organized enough to get these together.

    How old was your child when you started using them?

    Alisha @ http://www.YourKidsTable.com

  3. says

    Great use of the pencil pouches! I love busy bags 🙂 I have all kinds of these pouches too that I’ve picked up on clearance over the years. Have been wondering what to do with them. Perfect!

  4. Tracy says

    Besides an eyeglass kit and sewing kit what is in your “fix-it” busy bag? It seems to be in the same pouch as the calculator and stickers so not sure.

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