Summer Alphabet Game (printable)

Here is the Summer Alphabet Game that we’ve been playing lately.
Print, cut out, and enjoy!
summer alphabet game
 Directions: Put the cards face down in a pile. Take turns each picking a card. Say the letter (or letter sound or something that starts with that letter depending on skill level). If you get it right, keep the card. When someone picks the card that says “You Win”, they win!
This is a great game to keep in your purse and play when you have to wait somewhere.
Other Ideas:
Sort the cards by picture type.
Put the cards in alphabetical order.


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    I printed these, laminated them, put them all down on the floor. I play some music and they walk around the circle like musical chairs until the music stops. They they pick up the card they are closest to and say the letter. If they get it right, they keep the card, if not, it goes back down. It has really helped them learn their letters. Thanks!

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