Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Bowling

B decided to make this bowling game that he read about in Highlight’s High Five Magazine. 
How to Make It: 
Cut 5 toilet paper roll tubes in half to make 10 pins. 
Put a cupcake liner on top of each tube. 
Set up your pins and bowl! 
Why I Love This Activity:
Easy to make and set up
Keeping score with 10 pins is a great math introduction to combinations of 10.
The “pins” look like little houses that can inspire pretend play. 

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  1. Hi Nicole! I think I will write sight words on these to help my kindergartener practice his reading!

  2. Which High Five magazine was it? Very cool idea indeed.

  3. How fun!!!


  1. […] You and the kids then take it in turn to knock down pins. If you want to get your kids more involved with it, you could have them keep score or let them design the pins. (Source) […]