10 Activities with 1 Roll of Paper

10 Activities with 1 Roll of Paper
I picked up a roll of poster paper at our grocery store the other day and was so excited about the hours of fun it provided! 10 Activities with 1 Roll of Paper
10 Activities with 1 Roll of Paper
Spread out a large banner size piece and color, design, and doodle away!


10 Activities with 1 Roll of Paper10 Activities with 1 Roll of Paper

We made a large neighborhood on the paper and had fun driving cars, walking animals, and adding buildings and other decor to our town.

Other Ideas:
Outline each other’s bodies and decorate with clothes, hair, etc.
Write the alphabet and glue pictures from magazines that start with each letter or find objects around the house that start with each letter.
Draw and color a large rainbow.
Draw targets worth different points on the paper and have a bean bag toss.
Make a huge outline puzzle with different objects.
Rip and glue construction paper to make a huge masterpiece.
Make a zoo, farm, or fairy garden to use in pretend play.
Trace your hands and count by 5s.
Create a menu or signs for your pretend restaurant.
Make a giant sticker collection.


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    I love our large roll paper! I roll it out in te kitchen and all of the kids will paint together! 🙂 Love the road with the cars. Kids can color the scene and then play with it.. cool.

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