Three Little Pigs

N (2.5) has been asking us to read “The Three Little Pigs” over and over again. 
She has been talking about and pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf so I knew it was time to create something for her to retell the story. 
I printed this free Three Little Pigs set from Recipe for Reading. I cut them out and taped them to toilet paper tubes. 

It was a quick and easy set up for me and she is having so much fun with it. I love that the pigs are numbered. Right away she matched up each pig to their house. I also like that since they are light weight she can blow over the houses with the wolf. 


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    I just re-read over your post about N-didn’t see it the first time. Funny she wants to hear the story so much as well. These silly kids.

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    My kids loved this activity!Tanks for the great ideas!I linked everyone here so they know where the idea came from.You can check out more on my blog

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