Five Silly Turkeys (printable)

One of our favorite books to read around the Thanksgiving season is Five Silly Turkeys by Salina Yoon.  Besides teaching beginning math skills, the illustrations and story-line are simply adorable.

Five Silly TurkeysAfter reading Five Silly Turkeys to your little one, have them re-enact the story with their own little cut-out turkeys.  I created a free printable that you can use for this purpose.  It can be used on a felt board or attached to popsicle sticks. I also made a 2nd page with numbers to be used for beginning math activities.

Five Silly Turkeys Printable

Turkey Printable Ideas…
1. Count the turkeys.
2. Try a few math problems- How many ways can you make 5?  2+3, 4+1, etc.
2. Put the numbers 1-5 in order. Count the corresponding number of turkeys for each number.
3. Put numbers in a hat.. pull out a number.  Count that many turkeys.
4. Hide the turkeys and have a turkey hunt!
5. Create a new silly story using the turkeys.

Print out extra turkeys and use with the story.. Ten Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston

or create these adorable puppets from Reading Confetti.
Five Silly Turkeys

Have a book discussion with your child.
Compare both stories. How are they the same? How are they different?
Which story did your child like better and why?

Written by Jen


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