Indoor Snowball Games

After reading a few snow themed books, we had fun playing with “snowballs” indoors!  

Have fun pretending with these two hands on activities.

Styrofoam balls
Paper cups
small blanket 

Give each player a paper cup.  Toss the “snowball” to one of the players who tries to catch it in their paper cup.  

For little ones (17 months – 3 years), give them a few cups and “snowballs” for them to transfer in and out of the cups. 

Activity #2Snowball Parachute

Put a few “snowballs” in the center of a small blanket.  Have all of the players hold one small part of the blanket.  Slowly move the blanket up and down bouncing the balls in the center.  Try to keep the snowballs from falling off of the blanket.  This activity will stir up lots of giggles as the “snowballs” fall to the floor!

Just a little winter themed fun that will also help with both fine and gross motor development.

Written by Jen

Clip art source- MyCuteGraphics


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