Host a St. Patrick’s Day Tot School

Ready to host a St. Patrick’s Day tot school for your kiddo and their friends?
I promise it would be SO much fun!  Let’s see some tray ideas!
learning letters
Check out Making Learning Fun for some great printables!  I laminated this letter assessment and put out a bowl of colored chips.  Tots would cover the letter and either say the name or sound.
preschool craft

Now this one WAS a little hard, but when done with a parent, they were able to feel successful.  I put a block of foam out (Dollar Tree), as well as pony beads.  They beaded the colors on the appropriate pipe cleaner and then bent them into a rainbow.

preschool science

How about some color sorting AND magnetism?   I put out lots of little objects, either gold or silver, into a divided plastic plate.  Add a magnet wand and tots can explore AND sort!

preschool activity
Kiddos always LOVE sorting pompoms so I put out a paint tray with sparkly green pompoms and the tongs from my ice bucket!
preschool craft

We made shamrocks, too!  I punched out a BUNCH of green hearts and the tots glued them down on pre-cut cards, adding a stem to finish it off.

preschool rainbow craft

How about some rainbow building?  I cut circles in various colors, laminated each piece, and then put them in a bucket.  Kids had to use their size determination skills, as well as visual cues, to build a rainbow on the tray!

preschool recipe

Feeling thirsty after all that work?  We each filled a glass with lemonade and then each tot added a drop of green food coloring.  Suddenly, we had VERY special “Leprechaun Lemonade!”

So what do you think?  Could you celebrate the season with some fun, themed trays?

Written by Jill


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