Airplane Game

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We recently flew with the kids and because N is 3 and B is 6 I didn’t have to pack as many activities to keep them happy and occupied for the plane ride as I used to when they were younger.
We had electronics (dvd player, iTouch), a few small books and toys, and snacks. I knew we’d be ok with those options, but on the way out of the house I threw sticky notes and a pen in my purse just in case.
Sure enough the sticky notes came in handy. N had so much fun drawing on them and sticking them all over the window and seats. I was glad to have that trick up my sleeve on the flight.

Sticky Note Ideas:

*Draw and stick just for fun
*Play Tic Tac Toe and stick the note/tic tac toe board on the winner’s seat
*Put shapes, names, words, or letters on sticky notes and stick them to the tray in front of your child. Tell your child which one to find and pull down.
*Put the letters of your name in order
*Draw the members of your family
*Put the numbers 1-10 in order and play “I’m Thinking of a Number”. One player gives clues and the other pulls down the number that they think it is.

Ideas for Younger Children on Plane Rides: 

Ideas for Long Rides in the Car: 



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