Lego Game

lego game
I saw this Lego game idea on The Pleasantest Thing and knew that we just had to try it! It was simple and quick for me to set up and when all of the bags were finished he said, “Mom, we should do more of those!”.
Simply grab a variety of Legos (a handful) and put them in a bag. I labeled ours and stapled them shut to add a bit of mystery. I told B to pick any bag and see what he could build with the pieces that were inside, but he had to use ALL of the pieces.
lego game
He was so excited as he dumped out the pieces and saw what he had to use.
lego game lego game
Here are two of his creations. He had names for them, but I didn’t write them down.
This is the perfect activity for quiet time, while you are preparing dinner, or as a distraction activity when things have gotten crazy around the house.
Draw a picture of what you created, name it, and keep them in a Lego themed journal.
Write a story about your creation as it goes on an adventure.



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